A Day In The Life…

It’s almost the end of day one, and I am realizing that due to the 99 cent store on the corner, getting enough food to eat for 4 bucks a day is not difficult.  See earlier post for a description of what $20 got me.  It’s not the quantity- it’s the quality.  The food I ate today is mostly crap.  It all has additives, high fructose corn syrup and preservatives.  I am not the healthiest eater in the world, but I am normally very aware of what I put in my body.  It feels good to nourish yourself with wholesome, fresh ingredients, it rejuvenates and revitalizes you.  I try to eat as much as possible according to the “whole food diet”- fresh fruits, veggies and whole grains.  If you know me then you know I struggle with this, (can you say Bud Light and sour gummy worms?) but even if I am not eating healthy, I am aware of it.  Being aware of the connection between diet and health is an important aspect of eating that gets overlooked by many in this country.

So eating on 4 bucks a day means I can’t eat the way I am used to.  I realize how spoiled I am when it comes to food.  I pretty much eat what I want when I want and don’t think too much about cost.  Today I ate:

  • smoothie and maple/brown sugar instant oatmeal
  • package of ramen noodles
  • baked beans with hot dog and a potato
  • instant butterscotch pudding

It wasn’t bad but nothing was good (except the smoothie).  I decided to save my two cans of veggies for another meal, and I don’t know if I’ll be able to stomach the fuzzy zucchini.  So as far as getting my veggie fix- it’s not going to happen today.  But I have a baggie of carrots with my name on it for lunch tomorrow- and I can’t wait!


Comments on: "A Day In The Life…" (1)

  1. brizzahizza said:

    the butterscotch pudding wasn’t good?

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